Assessment is the tool utilized by companies for the analysis and assessment of candidate competencies during the recruitment process or for evaluating career development plans.

Corsi & Partners assesses Senior and Middle Management for companies undergoing internal reorganization or for clients in need of strategic support in HR recruitment, career planning and HR development.
Corsi & Partners has a highly qualified team able to develop group and individual assessment projects to meet the requirements of every client.

The Corsi & Partners Assessment utilizes several evaluation methods: structured and semi- structured interviews, focus groups and questionnaires, group and individual tests, in order to identify the best candidate with potential or the best performers in the company.

Due to the development of Assessment projects, Corsi & Partners supports clients in the business development process, in evaluating employees during reorganizational processes and in choosing the ideal candidate for a specific position in the company.

Moreover, the company helps its Clients optimize company organization charts by focusing on enhancement of the internal competencies and searching for suitable profiles in order to lead the innovation process required by the market.