About us
Corsi & Partners is well regarded as an innovative player in the Italian Executive Search and Senior, Middle Management sector.

Corsi & Partners is an independent company that specializes in providing HR services to companies. The rapid success of Corsi & Partners is owing to the innovative choice to focus the Executive Search activity on Middle and Senior Management profiles.

The services are provided by using the most up to date techniques and methodology of Research and Selection.

Corsi & Partners is comprised of a team of young and talented professionals, with expertise in providing a multitasking approach applicable to each business area and professional sector.

Corsi & Partners’ activity is based on Head Hunting and direct research of candidates who correspond to the job profile requested by the client.
The research and selection process is rapidly developed by providing detailed reports to the client and ensuring that the client is regularly updated. This procedure is structured and based on International Executive Search methods, which were developed by the founders of Corsi & Partners.

Andrea Corsi, founder and Managing Director of Corsi & Partners, has a solid experience in Head Hunting gained over the course of 15 year and created the innovative project that applies Executive Search Methodology to Middle and Senior Management, providing a fast and high quality service to clients.
A few years after this start-up project, Corsi & Partners has been engaged in a wide range of complex projects and collaborated in partnership with the most well-known companies in national and international markets.