Corsi & Partners offers a Personal Coaching Service, working in both B2B and B2C perspectives.

Coaching sessions help its users become more aware of their goals, improve relationships and discover the most appropriate strategies for achieving and maximizing their potential. It is a creative growth path based on specific goals.

Following the coaching path means identifying integrated strategies that mobilize the energy and motivation of individuals and teams, reinforcing skills so as to achieve excellent performance.

Coaching aims to improve individual and team awareness, learn more about one's experience, broaden perspectives and activate new paths, finding new solutions.

The company intervention paths can explore different sectors:

Goal Setting

Management and Goals Strategy Sharing

Work-life Balance

Skill Assessment

Career Opportunities Widening

Leadership and team management

Generational Handover

Self Confidence Increase

Diversity Management


Integrated Communication

Individual and team performances

Change Management

Corsi & Partners coaches are certified ICF - International Coaching Federation, one of the world’s largest Coaching Associations, a guarantee of high international quality standards in compliance with privacy regulations.

Corsi & Partners can provide coaching sessions both digitally (using audio and video call programs) as well as in person.