HR Digital Services

Corsi & Partners integrates, in its own offering, digital services updating its methodology in a continuous improvement process based on the “user experience”, focusing on the individuals with their own peculiarities, characteristics, needs and potentialities.

It employs digital solutions within the recruitment, training, development and reorganization processes.

In this view, the company is capable of including digital services in its offering with the objective of giving added value to individual and team performances, thanks to strategic partnership with innovative companies in the HR Tech arena.

Corsi & Partners uses modern and avant-garde methodologies for the analysis of Soft Skills to discover and capitalize on, thanks to HR Analytics, human potential.

Corsi & Partners enhances the traditional Training projects with Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies, making the Training experience more efficient, new and engaging thanks to the use of new technologies.

The design of these kind of projects, as a distinctive feature of Corsi & Partners, meets the specific needs of the company clients.