Market Mapping
Thanks to the team’s market knowledge and strong know–how, Corsi & Partners offers an innovative Market Intelligence service as a strategic tool for clients.
The analysis of competition is essential for the company strategy in order to enhance human capital and acquire new talented profiles.

Corsi & Partners is capable of providing an extensive Market Mapping and investigating on different corporate structures as well as target firms.
Thanks to this expertise it is possible to acquire information regarding candidate seniority and compensation within the target companies, so as to study the competitors and best practices in the relevant sectors.

Furthermore, Market Mappings are useful tools not only for defining Corsi & Partners client reputation and positioning on the Market but also to support them in the organizational structure.

Indeed, the Organizational structure is subject to constant transformation due to progressive evolution on the part of a company. Corsi & Partners has developed distinctive competencies in supporting clients throughout the reorganization phase in accordance to the market needs and guaranteeing the achievement of strategic objectives.