Executive Search
Corsi & Partners focuses both on scouting activity and on identifying the best talents on the market. The activity is based on Head Hunting and direct search for candidates who correspond to the job profile requested by the client.

This process is structured and based on International Executive Search methods, which were developed by the founding members of Corsi & Partners.

The mission of Corsi & Partners is that of identifying specialized professionals and talented managers possessing the skills and experience needed in order to successfully fulfil the position required by the client.

The attention that Corsi & Partners constantly pays to candidates is based on a deep, professional and ethical respect.

The candidates are searched for thanks to a strategic analysis of the project and to innovative and cross-functional activity: direct search and networking, market intelligence and use of an internal database.

The first step in the advisory process is to define job description and the target companies together with the client.

The Corsi & Partners Executive Search process is structured as follows:

  • Client Company
  • Corporate Environment
  • Strategic, operating, financial and management objectives
  • Position
  • Requirement profile
  • Target industries and organizations
  • Rigorous and intensive identification and approach of potential candidates
  • Sourcing of potential candidates
  • File search
  • Intensive interviews (strictly confidential)
  • Transparent progress reporting
  • Screening according to approved search criteria
  • Confidential candidate reports:
  • Education
  • Professional career
  • Evaluation
  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Remuneration
Evaluation and follow-up
  • Candidate Interviews with Clients
  • Reference checks
  • Final negotiations
  • Contract