Who We Are

Founded in 2011 by Andrea Corsi, Corsi & Partners has quickly positioned itself as an innovative player in the Italian market, offeringtargeted services and solutions to meet the unique demands of each company..

Our values


Our approach is insight driven: thanks to our deep understanding of costumers’ peculiarities and needs, Corsi & Partners is a synergistic and trustworthy partner to attain shared objectives with.


Tailor-made is the distinguishing characteristic of Corsi & Partners. This unique feature allows our company to customize its services according to the specific requirements and preferences of its Customers. To this end, Corsi & Partners’ goal is to bring about added value while focusing on speed and quality results.


Corsi & Partners pays great attention to the relationship with customers and candidates, ensuring confidentiality, ethics, transparency and professionalism at all stages of the process.

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Chief Executive Officer


Corsi & Partners offers a variety of comprehensive services by envisioning tailored projects to assist its Clients.

The Corsi & Partners team is specialized in the following domains:

Executive Search

The Executive Search service involves proactive and direct research to identify the most suitable candidate for the customer’s needs in line with the relevant profile.

Middle Management Recruiting

Our range of services entails conducting research and selecting professionals in Middle Management positions through the use of the same methodology applied to our Executive Search process. We employ a tailored search approach to directly pinpoint the perfect candidate for the desired profile.


These services aim to ensure effective corporate governance, particularly in relation to the Board of Directors’ activities.


Assessment is a strategic tool used by companies to analyze and evaluate their workforce’s range of competences.


With extensive market knowledge and expertise, Corsi & Partners offers an innovative Market Intelligence service, which serves as a strategic tool for its clients.


Corsi & Partners provides Personal Coaching services to support its clients for a better B2B and B2C relationship management.


Confidentiality, ethics, transparency, and professionalism are the core principles at the very heart of Corsi & Partners’ relationship with its customers and candidates throughout every stage of the assessment process.

By successfully implementing international projects and leveraging its global network, Corsi & Partners provides valuable guidance to Italian companies seeking to expand overseas while, at the same time, supports foreign multinational companies wishing to operate in Italy.

to deliver exceptional value to customers while upholding the highest standards of transparency, ethics, and professionalism.

In this respect, with offices in Rome and Milan, Corsi & Partners is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of its clients on a national scale.


Board Director & Chair Services
CEO Executive Search
Culture of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
CFO Executive Search
CTO & CIO Executive Search
Marketing and Sales Executive Search
Human Resources Executive Search
Legal & General Counsel Executive Search
Communications Executive Search
Supply Chain Executive Search
Sustainability, Energy and Digital Transition