Sustainability: the driver of change

Ensuring a sustainable future has become a key element for competing in markets, as well as attracting talents and financial capitals.

In order to equip themselves with new professional figures, indispensable nowadays when it comes to the challenges posed by both energy and digital transitions, companies are called upon to change their mindset and pace. This being also relevant with respect to the sustainability of governance-related choices having a social impact.

In this respect, human capital’s well-being, diversity and inclusion are essential values at the forefront of every succeeding business strategies.

Sustainability, along with energy and digital transition, will concern every company’s business sectors activities as well as every process within it. This, in order to become more and more resilient, while fostering constant innovation and adaptation to new existing scenarios.

To address these challenges, Corsi & Partners has established a practice dedicated to sustainability with a particular focus on the market verticals of energy and digital transition. In this framework, Corsi & Partners has specialized in the search and selection of executives and middle management personnel.

  • C – LEVELS Energy Transition e Digital Transformation
  • Financial analysts & project managers
  • Energy managers​
  • Transition Sales managers​
  • Business Process managers​
  • Machine learning managers​
  • Firmware managers​
  • Permitting managers​
  • Asset managers for portfolio management
  • ESG managers​
  • Digital transformation managers​