Elisabetta Bna



Elisabetta Bna was part of the team leading to tthe establishment of Corsi & Partners in 2011 and was later promoted to the position of Partner in 2018.

As the head of the Middle Management Division, she frequently collaborates with other team members to conduct research on executive and top-level managers.

Elisabetta specializes in industries such as Financial Services, Industrial, Telco, IT, and Consumer Goods, and she oversees projects for both Italian and international companies.

Some of the notable clients she has worked with include Alitalia, ITA Airways, Alenia Aeronautica, EnelHera, Dana, Sace, ABI, Tinexta, Ferrari, Banca per il Mezzogiorno, RAI, RAI WAY, Il sole24ore, ATAC, Sport e Salute, and Zoppas Industries.

Prior to joining Corsi & Partners, Elisabetta worked for Neumann International AG from 2007 to 2011, a multinational company based in Austria that specializes in Executive Search across Europe and emerging markets.

She holds a degree in Organizational and Work Sociology from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and has also completed a Master’s Degree in Human Resources with a focus on Skill Enhancement.

Elisa is proficient in the English language.